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    By rotating our taps we have an ever-evolving selection of beer. Our 15 rotating taps allow beer connoisseurs to try something new, enjoy a long-lost stout, and expand your taste curiosity all in one trip!
    If you’re one who merely dabbles in the finer pleasures or are just looking to make the best of your trip to Bozeman, don’t let our impressive menu of craft beers intimidate you. Order a Flight of Beers to explore the current variety of what we have to offer. There is a beer on this list for every taste.
    Bighorn Taps and Growlers strives to include as many of the general 28 beer styles as well as ales and lagers. Have you found your favorite? LET US KNOW! With enough positive feedback we’ll keep your go-to-beer(s) in our rotation. Don’t forget to follow-us on Twitter (@Bighorngrowlers) to receive updates, our next update could include your request!
    Not only thirsty today? There’s no need to step away from the bar! Order your favorite burger, wings, or appetizers from our in-house Fuddruckers® restaurant… take your taste buds on an adventure!


    We are proud to offer 32oz and 64oz glass Growlers for your enjoyment AT HOME! Each bottle size costs you a mere $5.00 and the best part is we’ll provide you a clean one each time you bring it back in, provided it’s still in good condition. No other retailer in Bozeman that sells Draft Beer-To-Go offers this service, size up or size down with each visit. Have your own Growler? No worries! Bring it in, we will fill any growler that has a sealable cap and has been sanitized properly. Unsure if your bottle has been properly sanitized? Non-sanitized bottles are terrible for YOU and YOUR BEER! We highly recommend you purchase one of our Growlers as we can guarantee it’s cleanliness and you’ll never have to clean it yourself.

Bottled/Canned Beer

    Bighorn Taps and Growlers strives to balance freshness and quality with our selection of beer. Craft beer is our passion and we express it through an evolving selection of styles; from hoppy hop, crisp lagers, to tart and sour selections. With over 45 different brands to choose from you can always rely on Bighorn Taps and Growlers to have a vast array of rotating stock at any given time.


    We sell the perfect companion for camping, fishing, hitting the slopes, or any outdoor activity that a Growler should be… but too unsafe for your glass friend to be brought along. Pouches! With a soft and flexible fabric they can be thrown in to a cooler, packed in a snowbank, or stuck in a chilly Montana stream. These little guys are also easy on your budget at only $7.00 and can be reused; due to our filling process we cannot sanitize them, but if you keep your outdoor companion clean we will gladly refill them!